Nestled between Keene, NH and Milford, NH are numerous small towns with vibrant communities that enjoy an abundance of nature, local history, stimulating culture, art and music and offer wonderful dining experiences at a reasonable price!

In an effort to promote the area and the fabulous restaurants to the local community and the community further afar, we created SPRINGTIME RESTAURANT WEEK!

After a hard winter, everyone deserves a chance to go out and enjoy the coming of Spring. The goal was to create an opportunity for everyone to dine, no matter what the budget. NH is very accepting of all people and cultures and the list of participating restaurants are indicative of the area diversity.

There is so much hidden talent in the kitchens! This event provides an opportunity to bring out their talent using local products and showcasing with creative offerings. Each restaurant team gets a chance to engage in something new and get energized for Spring and most of all have FUN!

Diners have the chance to enjoy quality meals at an unbelievable value. At these prices, they can sample multiple restaurants throughout the 10 day event. Reservations are suggested in most establishments.

Please mention SPRINGTIME RESTAURANT WEEK on the phone or with your server.

Make sure you get an entry form for the contest.